Garden Railway

Our favourite feature of Casa Santa Filomena is the garden railway. This is a G Scale railway that circles the swimming pool and the outside dining areas. It's a permanantly laid railway consisting of 70 metres of track. We have 10 engines that can operate on it and a mixture of coaches and goods wagons for the engines to pull. The railway is operated by a digital control mechanism (DCC), for those engines powered by electricity. We also have two 'live-steam' engines powered by gas and water, one of which is radio controlled.

If you have an engine at home that you'd like to bring on holiday with you, and run it while you're here, then pack it up and bring it with you. We operate with the LGB MTS system and have spare hand-held controllers if your engine is decoder fitted or you can run analogue as well. If you have a live-steam engine, feel free to bring that too. The track guage is 45mm.